Universal Health Coverage

Sharing E4A-MamaYe’s tools as Global Public Goods for health

As donors, governments, and communities strive to deliver Universal Health Coverage, it is important to share experiences and tools as we try to find ways of advancing health sector accountability.…

Giving voice to Kenyan and Nigerian heroes on UHC day

On Universal Health Care (UHC) day, E4A-MamaYe amplifies the voices of coalitions of advocates. These advocates are true heroes who despite challenges posed by the pandemic, confronted decision…

Politics & Advocacy: Prioritising Maternal Health Care

Achieving health for all by 2030 remains the focus of governments and health advocates around the world, especially in this last decade. With only 10 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development…

Keeping the promise: Three steps for mothers & babies health

The 2019 United Nations High Level Meeting on Universal Healthcare (UHC) during the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York presented the ideal stage for political leaders to translate their bold…

Civil society and accountability; a game-changer for UHC

Nigeria’s Second National Strategic Health Development Plan, was launched early this year alongside the long-awaited Basic Health Care Provision Fund. These strategies have the potential to transform…

Getting to know the GFF – Our workshop in Senegal

In October 2018, E4A-MamaYe brought together French speaking civil society from across Africa to share experiences and knowledge around the Global Financing Facility (GFF).

Supporting Civil Society in implementing the GFF in Nigeria

At E4A–MamaYe, we actively work with CSOs in Nigeria to strengthen their capacity to engage meaningfully in the implementation of the Global Financing Facility (the GFF).

Increase investments for better maternal health in Kenya

As we mark this year’s World Health Day with the theme ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’, we reflect on global efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and what this means…

A smart investment for all women

Too many women across the world still struggle to access quality maternal health care.

Bauchi unveils 5-point health agenda, doles out N160m!

Bauchi State governor makes a huge commitment to the health sector, including maternal and newborn health.