Breaking the ice: Coalitions & Governments having dialogue

Unlike advocacy where civil society advocates position themselves ‘against’ government, our approaches focus on building a culture of accountability through continuous dialogue between civil society…

Using scorecards to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Data is central to planning, decision making and delivering quality reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health. Scorecards can help health stakeholders in Nigeria determine interventions to…

Accelerating Accountability of the GFF implementation

In Kenya, E4A-Mama Ye has supported CSOs to produce the first scorecard measuring the country’s progress on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) implementation.

The Lagos Family Planning Budget Line

In Nigeria, the process of government creating a new budget line can be long and hard. Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris knows this too well, and he explains some of the reasons why…

Bauchi state scorecards for Maternal and Newborn Health

The Bauchi State Accountability for Maternal and Newborn Health with support from MamaYe, produced scorecards on maternal and newborn health and health budget for year 2016.

Evidence driving accountability for Family Planning

For countries’ FP2020 commitments to result in improved family planning uptake, commitments need to translate into increased budgetary allocations and actual expenditure on family planning.

Health Budget Transparency and Accountability in Malawi

Following the success of Health Budget Transparency and Accountability in Mzimba, Nkhata Bay and Rumphi, E4A-MamaYe has been asked to support a similar effort in Ntcheu district.

Rumphi District to implement its health sector plan

MamaYe Malawi has been supporting Rumphi district in participating in the budget transparency and accountability process through a series of assessments.

First GFF civil society meeting in Sierra Leone

On Thursday 11 May, we had the first civil society meeting on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) in Sierra Leone. 

Lagos uses scorecards to improve maternal and newborn health

MamaYe got the evidence around maternal and newborn health in health care facilities in Lagos State and used the findings to help improve on community attitudes towards the health of pregnant women…

Using scorecards to catalyse action

Using scorecard is essential to catalyse action on Maternal and Newborn Health

Strengthening Data Quality and Use: A Priority for Malawi

Since 2011, key achievements have been made in strengthening data quality and use in health, particularly around the quantity and availability of data. However, many challenges remains.

Lagos: steps to disseminate health budget and MNH scorecards

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health, with support from MamaYe Nigeria, held a media roundtable in Lagos to disseminate health budget and MNH scorecards.

Budget padding is one thing, its performance is another!

In this age where the call for accountability of health budget is rising, we monitor health budgeting process to reveal the areas where policy makers must improve their performances to ensure justice…