Maternal Health

Sharing E4A-MamaYe’s tools as Global Public Goods for health

As donors, governments, and communities strive to deliver Universal Health Coverage, it is important to share experiences and tools as we try to find ways of advancing health sector accountability.…

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Save Mothers & Babies

Today, Lagos State launches a new app for notifying and reviewing maternal and perinatal deaths. In this blog, we look at how digitising Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response has the…

Funding Maternal Health in COVID-19 era

In the nascent stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team, together with other partners, speculated on what COVID-19 would mean for funding for essential basic health services. Some commentators were…

Politics & Advocacy: Prioritising Maternal Health Care

Achieving health for all by 2030 remains the focus of governments and health advocates around the world, especially in this last decade. With only 10 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development…

Championing increased accountability during the COVID-19 era

Media is a powerful ally for civil society organisations advocating for improved health outcomes of women and their babies. In this blog, E4A-MamaYe county advisors in Nairobi and Bungoma, George and…

4 takeaways for the next generation of MNH advocates

Grassroots civil society organisations (CSOs) play a central role in improving the health of mothers and babies. Empowering them with advocacy skills to influence decision-makers in government to…

Using scorecards to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Data is central to planning, decision making and delivering quality reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health. Scorecards can help health stakeholders in Nigeria determine interventions to…

Signs of change for MPDSR in Kenya

Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response has become an important talking point both at county and national level in Kenya. In this blog, Federica Signoriello talks through why MPDSR is…

Spotlight: a MamaYe MNCH Champion for Accountability

Elizabeth Kah is an MNCH champion in Nigeria - with her work, she promotes accountability for the implementation of healthcare policies that will help in improving maternal and newborn mortality…

What Women Want: E4A-MamaYe wants to know

E4A-MamaYe is proud to be a partner in a global campaign that will put women’s voices at the centre of healthcare.

#ESAK2018 – Time to discuss social accountability in Kenya

We are getting ready for the ‘Enhancing Social Accountability in Kenya Health Sector’ conference on 14th-15th March 2018. More than 150 participants will join the event at the AMREF Health Africa…

A blessing of an RMNCAH champion for Bungoma

Champions for mothers and babies , especially at higher levels, is are critical for influencing, shaping service delivery and increasing public participation on RMNCAH related issues. On…

MamaYe Super Activists are still the Superheroes!

Who are the MamaYe Super Activists? They are ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to keep mothers and babies alive and healthy in many parts of Nigeria.

Population: Threat to Maternal and Newborn Health

"There has been a tremendous reduction in stock-outs of essential life-saving commodities in (Lagos State) health facilities…" due to population growth.

Children by choice, not by chance

A child is a blessing that most people desire, but when a child is unplanned the situation tends to create all kinds of problems.

MamaYe Nigeria celebrates an SDG Champion

Meet Adepeju Jaiyeoba founder of Brown Button Foundation and the brain behind ‘Mother’s delivery kit’.

Progressing toward SDG 3

Women’s chances of surviving childbirth improved significantly during the MDG era (2000 - 2015).

Early detection of Sepsis

Have you visited a public health facility and wondered why it looks so unclean and disorganised?

Urgent need for maternal and newborn health in the media

MamaYe continues to push for good representation of maternal and newborn health (MNH) reporting in the news.

Making maternal and newborn health interventions sustainable

Sustainability is key to interventions that seek to make the lives of beneficiaries better. Read a great example of a self-sustaining MamaYe-Evidence4Action Nigeria maternal and newborn health…

Another MamaYe Super Activist breaks MNH barrier!

Monsurat has found a way to make pregnant women visit the health facility more than ever, to be delivered of their pregnancies. Her inspiration came from her readiness to take actions that will help…

Bauchi state scorecards for Maternal and Newborn Health

The Bauchi State Accountability for Maternal and Newborn Health with support from MamaYe, produced scorecards on maternal and newborn health and health budget for year 2016.

Evidence is key for maternal and perinatal deaths advocacy

A 2014 report by UNFPA ranked Bungoma as the County with the 8th highest burden or maternal deaths in Kenya. Many of these deaths were and still are, preventable.

Our Health, Our Rights, Our Lives

If you walk through any maternity corridors or wards in the country, you will see women sitting in groups Sharing their stories and laughing. But as much as there is joy and excitement, there is also…

CSOs play a key role in reducing maternal mortality

The District Medical Officer (DMO) in Koinadugu District Dr. Francis Moses has stated that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the district are playing a leading role in supporting the District…

International Day for Maternal Health and Rights in Malawi

Improving Maternal Health in Malawi Through Health Financing, Accountability and Health Rights.

"I became a nurse to protect pregnant women"

Yelwa Abdulahi works with the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria, FOMWAN, Gombe State Chapter. Read her story.

Community Mobilisation for maternal and newborn health

The MamaYe campaign is gradually becoming a movement of people taking action to help improve the lives of pregnant women and newborns in their communities. This story shows how people connect for…

MamaYe training journalists on Maternal and Newborn Health

Across Nigeria, journalists are publishing reports that are re-shaping maternal and newborn health issues. We contribute to their efforts through trainings that can make their reporting more…

Int’l Women’s Day 2017: Meet Sakeenah-Salvador Bakari

Commemorating the International Women's Day 2017, we share the bold story Sakeenah-Salvador Bakari.

Mama Ye! celebrates radio journalists

Celebrating the journalists in Tanzania on World Radio Day.

What this midwife is doing to save lives will inspire you!

Influenced by MamaYe Super Activists, Hasana realised that being a midwife, she actually could do something to improve the health of pregnant women and newborns.

Radio - A partner in maternal health survival

Radio has always played a very important role in informing the public on health matters - In Malawi Radio is a source of information on maternal health.

Making a difference in maternal care

As the world commemorates the International Day of Women in Science, MamaYe Malawi meets women who have devoted their passion and time to maternal health.

Iyaloja of Lagos champions advocacy for mothers and newborns

Iyaloja is rallying millions of market women towards improving maternal and newborn health in Lagos State.

A smart investment for all women

Too many women across the world still struggle to access quality maternal health care.

Rights for Mothers on International Human Rights Day

Let us honor our pregnant women and our children in accessing quality health care and their health rights, as we commemorate International Human Rights today 10th December.

MamaYe lights up Ningi community in Bauchi!

MamaYe was welcomed with cultural music to the palace of the Emir of Ningi during the MamaYe Community Launch event, which marks the beginning of the official MamaYe campaign in a chosen community.

Rumphi District is taking action on sepsis

Rumphi District is to strengthen primary health care after the Maternal Death Surveillance Response Committee Report showed that 44% of maternal deaths are due to sepsis.

Standing up for the right to health of pregnant mothers

MamaYe Malawi joins the rest of the world today, 25th October 2016, in commemorating Global Day of Action for the Right to Health.

Investigative Journalist of the Year Award

The MamaYe investigative reporting for maternal and newborn health is to improve the positive representation of stories around the health of pregnant women and newborns, and also to ensure that such…

Can investigative journalism help achieve change for MNH?

While investigative journalism has helped redress public office affairs at different levels, we want to see if it can help unraveling the reasons our government is not fulfilling ITS pregnant women…

MamaYe awards best journalists

MamaYe Malawi has awarded two best journalists with outstanding maternal and newborn health stories during this year’s NAMISA Gala awards.

Using pupils to save lives of mothers and babies in Mchinji

MamaYe clubs such as Pitala MamaYe School Club share evidence and information with mothers and fellow pupils and advocate for better quality care for mothers and babies.

Pregnant and homeless - Being pregnant in an IDP camp

Ijeoma explores the fears and hopes of women who became pregnant, the effect of their pregnancies on the statistics of maternal and newborn health and attainment of SDGs in Nigeria.

MamaYe partners Media Trust on maternal and newborn health

MamaYe has strengthened its partnership with media houses to improve coverage and delivery of evidence-supported maternal and newborn health in the news.

Exhibiting To Save Mothers and Babies

MamaYe and Parent And Child Health Initiative (PACHI) exhibited their campaign activities during the Research Dissemination Conference organised by the Malawi College of Medicine.

UN Report: Sierra Leone has the highest MMR in the world

According to new UN estimates, Sierra Leone had the highest maternal mortality ratio globally. National Conference reveals the government's commitments to improve maternal health.

'Status of Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care' Conference

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with Options Consultancy Services Ltd. and Evidence for Action-MamaYe will be organising a one day Consultative Conference focusing on the Ebola…

20 Journalists Sign MoU with MamaYe, Promising to Champion Mothers and Babies

MamaYe media close-out sessions brought together 20 editors and health reporters in Bonthe and Koinadugu. In the end participants signed a MoU with MamaYe as a commitment to continue reporting on…

Youth-activists saving the day for maternal, newborn health

We are glad that we have provided the platform for young people to demand their health rights and contribute to policies that will enhance the quality of their family lives.

Make mothers and babies a priority

Chiku Lweno-Aboud urges Member of Parliament candidates in Tanzania to address the issue of maternal and newborn mortality by suggesting concrete strategies and policies.

Run For Mothers

MamaYe is again participating in the Mothers Fun Run to ensure safe motherhood in Mchinji District.

New distance learning radio programme to strengthen knowledge

MamaYe was invited to participate in a workshop to design a distance learning radio programme. Here's a recount of what happened.

MamaYe presents evidence for action to radio audience

From a live radio debate, find out if the Government of Sierra Leone is doing enough to prevent pregnant women from dying.

Youths equip themselves with MNH knowledge

MamaYe activists participate in the MNH Knowledge contest. Read more to learn about the winner of the second round.

Bauchi unveils 5-point health agenda, doles out N160m!

Bauchi State governor makes a huge commitment to the health sector, including maternal and newborn health.

MamaYe Media Engagement in Koinadugu and Bonthe

Journalists participate in media trainings to understand and accurately report MNH issues to save the lives of mothers and babies.

Support for maternal death reviews in Bonthe and Koinadugu

Maternal death review meetings were held to discuss cases and to brief participants on the new national MDSR guidelines. Find out how MDR committees are managing.

Anyimadu-Antwi, the MP supporting maternal health

A Member of Parliament has repaired a defective ambulance in a bid to reduce maternal and newborn deaths in Ashanti.

MamaYe Ghana appeals to doctors

MamaYe! Advocacy Coalition called on leaders to end the doctors' strike for the sake of mothers and babies.

Activists continue to inspire and mobilise

Here is a recount of MamaYe's DLA meeting in Freetown where activists share stories of success and plan activities.

Shining a bright light on maternal & newborn health

Dr. Belinda Afriyie Nimako and her team at the South Dayi Health Directorate contribute to scorecard implementation and community engagement activities.

Mama Atrato, MamaYe's hero in Ho

Meet Mama Atrato, Queen Mother of Ho Dome and champion of maternal and newborn health.

10 Reasons Why Hospital is Safe in Times of Ebola

MamaYe approached Dr A.P. Koroma to explain why the hospital is safe for mothers and newborns, and to encourage pregnant women to use the services.

Senior Chief Kaomba Says 21

Senior Chief is advocating for the minimum marriage age to be 21 years in Kasungu.

Speaking out on the health-related Post 2015 agenda

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will soon give way to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Nigeria has seized the opportunity to contribute to new strategies.

Kobina Essien, the Taxi Doctor

Meet Kobina Essien, who has been saving the lives of pregnant women and their unborn babies by conveying them for safe and supervised delivery in his taxi.

MP equips CHPS compound to serve pregnant women

The Member of Parliament for Tano North in Brong-Ahafo Region, Mrs. Freda Prempeh, has presented medical equipment worth GH¢30,000.00 to the Subonpan Community Health Planning Services compound in…

Male Involvement in Maternal Health

Revision of policies and laws and closer collaboration between different sectors are needed to address the male involvement in maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Floods in Malawi threaten maternal and newborn health

Floods have hit Malawi and have left thousands destitute. While we appreciate that a lot are suffering, where does this leave a pregnant woman and issues of maternal and newborn health?