Health Budgets

Blood is life! How blood donation will save lives of mothers

In 2016, one of every two maternal deaths that occurred in Bungoma were caused by blood loss. Today, we launch the E4A-Mama Ye campaign #DamuniUhai, calling for funding for blood services in Bungoma…

Civil society and accountability; a game-changer for UHC

Nigeria’s Second National Strategic Health Development Plan, was launched early this year alongside the long-awaited Basic Health Care Provision Fund. These strategies have the potential to transform…

Why youth need a place at the GFF table

Our blog series on youth advocates engaged in the GFF continues with Massita, a sexual and reproductive health ambassador from Burkina Faso. During the first E4A-MamaYe GFF CSO Senegal workshop in…

Informed and prepared: Young people and the GFF

Aminata is a Senegalese lawyer working on gender and human rights in Senegal. In this blog, she sets out her strategy, which she believes will ensure the effective participation of youth in the GFF.

Hearing from young voices engaged with the GFF - Blog series

The Global Financing Facility is a financing mechanism for Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child Adolescent Health and Nutrition. With youth accounting for a third of the world’s population, they are…

Getting to know the GFF – Our workshop in Senegal

In October 2018, E4A-MamaYe brought together French speaking civil society from across Africa to share experiences and knowledge around the Global Financing Facility (GFF).

Rapprocher le GFF et la société civile d'Afrique francophone

E4A-MamaYe initie aujourd’hui, au nom du Groupe mondial de coordination de la société civile pour le GFF, et en collaboration avec la Coalition des organisations de la société civile, un atelier de…

Bringing the GFF to civil society in Francophone Africa

Today, E4A-MamaYe, on behalf of the Global Civil Society Coordinating Group on the GFF, and in collaboration with the Coalition for Civil Society Organisations in Senegal, starts a three-day workshop…

Supporting Civil Society in implementing the GFF in Nigeria

At E4A–MamaYe, we actively work with CSOs in Nigeria to strengthen their capacity to engage meaningfully in the implementation of the Global Financing Facility (the GFF).

Accelerating Accountability of the GFF implementation

In Kenya, E4A-Mama Ye has supported CSOs to produce the first scorecard measuring the country’s progress on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) implementation.

Calling on governments to #FundNaijaHealth

The #FundNaijaHealth campaign is calling on government to release all appropriated health allocations on time, as this will enhance access to the health care that citizens, particularly mothers and…

Increase investments for better maternal health in Kenya

As we mark this year’s World Health Day with the theme ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’, we reflect on global efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and what this means…

The Lagos Family Planning Budget Line

In Nigeria, the process of government creating a new budget line can be long and hard. Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris knows this too well, and he explains some of the reasons why…

More funds for health in Bungoma

The 8th of August 2017 was a historic day for Kenya. Kenyans participated in their second ever general election since the promulgation of the 2010 constitution on August 8 to elect their political…

Transparency and advocacy in Health Budgets

Dedication. Commitment. Spirit of inclusion. Desire to see effective and efficient service delivery in the health sector. These are just some of the few terms to describe the recent results of the…

Health priorities and investments in Senegal

E4A flew to Senegal this week to support CICODEV Africa at the first national round table on budgeting for health and to hold training in health budget advocacy.

New Scorecards on MNH and the Health Budget in Lagos State

The Lagos State Accountability for Maternal and Newborn Health (LASAM), with support from MamaYe, has produced and disseminated scorecards to assess the performance of Lagos State.

AHBN becomes 'Africa led and Africa based'

Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) and E4A-MamaYe are delighted to announce that the secretariat of AHBN has moved to Nigeria where the AHBN Coordinator, Aminu Magashi Garba is located.

Evidence driving accountability for Family Planning

For countries’ FP2020 commitments to result in improved family planning uptake, commitments need to translate into increased budgetary allocations and actual expenditure on family planning.

Health Budget Transparency and Accountability in Malawi

Following the success of Health Budget Transparency and Accountability in Mzimba, Nkhata Bay and Rumphi, E4A-MamaYe has been asked to support a similar effort in Ntcheu district.

Strengthening GFF implementation in Kenya

Sarah Fox, Technical Specialist at E4A, presented the Global GFF Civil Society Engagement Strategy which provides a useful framework for identifying the unique value of civil society in achieving the…

Rumphi District to implement its health sector plan

MamaYe Malawi has been supporting Rumphi district in participating in the budget transparency and accountability process through a series of assessments.

First GFF civil society meeting in Sierra Leone

On Thursday 11 May, we had the first civil society meeting on the Global Financing Facility (GFF) in Sierra Leone. 

Nigeria Health Budget 2010-2016

The highest priority set for health budget according to the Abuja Declaration is 15%, but analysis shows how low Nigeria's budgeting has been from 2010-2016.

Spotlight on a health budget advocate: Victor Lansana Koroma

This month's spotlight: Victor Lansana Koroma, the Executive Director of Health Alert, a civil society organisation in Sierra Leone that advocates to improve the health of women and children.

Health insurance for pregnant women and newborns in Lagos

Celebrating the MamaYe Day 2017 in Lagos was an opportunity for the government and the people of Lagos State to discuss the implementation of Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme.

GFF meetings in Nairobi: “We have to move as a team to take forward civil society’s message"

Civil society plays an essential role in ensuring global discussions are informed by local realities, and the needs of the women, children, and adolescents that the GFF aims to support.

The Nairobi training: Six countries, diverse experiences

The AHBN training was intense and provided unique opportunities for sharing experiences from the six participating African nations. It helped build capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in…

MamaYe Day 2017: Making The Health Budget Work for Nigeria

The commemoration of the MamaYe Day 2017 focused on the effect that the continued paltry budget allocation to health has on maternal and newborn health care services.

Spotlight on a health budget advocate - Joyce Ng'ang'a

Joyce Ng’ang’a is a Policy and Advocacy Program Officer at WACI Health - An African region advocacy organization based in Nairobi. Read her story.

What works in health budget accountability?

Earlier this month, Sarah Fox, E4A Health Financing Specialist, spent two days at the PHC Expenditure and Budget Advocacy Consultation convened by PAI in South Africa. Read about her key take aways…

World Radio Day - the truth, the power, the influence

MamaYe Nigeria combined radio with other advocacy efforts to secure the commitment of Bauchi State government to allocate 15% of the State's total budget to health.

Mzimba scoring high on transparency due to budget advocacy

Mzimba District Council has seen a tremendous improvement on budget transparency and dissemination as people are being made aware of district funding.

Health Ministry commences Operational Budget Workshop for District Health Management Teams

The importance of transparency, accountability and probity in resource management and utilization

Health budget advocacy yields 33% increase in allocated budget

MamaYe trained district councillors in northern Malawi in health budget advocacy. We are starting to see some results in how funds are being allocated with a 33% increase in allocated budget in…

World Bank credit: Maternal and Newborn Health benefits

The Bauchi State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health will be working with the government to ensure judicious use of resources and timely release of budget allocations and State…

How to build skills in budget advocacy

Esther Agbon from MamaYe Nigeria shares her experience and passion for budget advocacy with the White Ribbon Alliance in Tanzania.

Lagos: steps to disseminate health budget and MNH scorecards

Lagos State Accountability Mechanism for Maternal and Newborn Health, with support from MamaYe Nigeria, held a media roundtable in Lagos to disseminate health budget and MNH scorecards.

Budget padding is one thing, its performance is another!

In this age where the call for accountability of health budget is rising, we monitor health budgeting process to reveal the areas where policy makers must improve their performances to ensure justice…

A stronger laboratory information system will save lives

Reviewing the effect Ebola had on Sierra Leone, Sallieu Sesay argues for the value of a stronger laboratory information system for health budget decision making.

Little hope on Maternal and Newborn Health in Malawi

Parliament started meeting in Lilongwe on Friday for a 2016/2017 budget meeting barely touching upon the improvement of survival of mothers and babies in the country.

Mzimba District Council approves the Transparency Scorecard

The Mzimba district council has unanimously reached the resolution that using the Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) Transparency Scorecard is the only way forward.

HBA Transparency Scorecard to improve budget accountability

The Nkhata Bay district council has agreed the Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) Transparency Scorecard will improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in the health budget sector formulation,…

MamaYe takes HBA Transparency Scorecard to Nkhatabay, Mzimba

After successfully trained the Rumphi district council and other stakeholders on the use of Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) transparency scorecard, MamaYe Malawi is taking the similar training to Nkhata…

Rumphi adopts HBA scorecard

MamaYe Malawi is implementing the HBA in partnership with the National Local Government Finance Committee to improve health budget transparency and accountability.

Calling on politicians to increase health sector budget

So, as the mid-term budget review meeting of the 46th session of parliament is underway in the Capital Lilongwe, we are calling on parliamentarians to consider revising upward the health sector…

Lessons from Bauchi: Media,civil society and decision making

Barrister Mohammed A. Abubakar proposed 15% of the State's total budget to health after Bauchi's media and civil society long term efforts of revealing the evidence.

Opening Nigeria's score on Open Budget Index

It will interest you to know how Nigeria fares when it comes to transparency and inclusiveness in budget and its implementation. This is an eye-opener. What Nigeria scores over 100 shows what the…

Gombe Assembly sets priority on health sector

The MamaYe accountability mechanism in Gombe will ensure that policy makers fulfil their promises.

Budgeting: Zero vs Incremental method

What you need to know about zero-based budgeting in Nigeria and its implication for the Ministry of Health.

Steady-Bongo takes the lead

Lansana Sheriff, popularly known as Steady-Bongo, commits to promoting the MamaYe campaign with a song about maternal and newborn survival.