Let’s sustain breastfeeding together

Every child has the right to basic nutrition, shelter and health care.

Breastfeeding: giving babies the best start in life

As we celebrate breastfeeding week, let us support women to breastfeed anytime and anywhere.

Tackling inappropriate marketing of milk-substitutes

In November 2016, the United Nation made a statement on the urgency for countries to support, promote, and protect breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding may prevent unplanned pregnancy

Studies show that colostrum is beneficial for the health of newborn babies. Nnenne, a breastfeeding mother, shares her knowledge about colostrum.

Breast milk has all the nutrients a child needs

Sallieu Sesay reviews the benefits of breastfeeding. Do mothers really know the secret to a bright, strong and healthy child? The answer is right here. Breast milk.