How to ensure funding for maternal health during COVID-19

Nigeria’s young population and a fast pandemic response contributed to a relatively low number of people infected with COVID-19. With an estimated 27 million people, Lagos State government has worked…

Calling on governments to #FundNaijaHealth

The #FundNaijaHealth campaign is calling on government to release all appropriated health allocations on time, as this will enhance access to the health care that citizens, particularly mothers and…

Spotlight: a MamaYe MNCH Champion for Accountability

Elizabeth Kah is an MNCH champion in Nigeria - with her work, she promotes accountability for the implementation of healthcare policies that will help in improving maternal and newborn mortality…

MamaYe Super Activists are still the Superheroes!

Who are the MamaYe Super Activists? They are ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to keep mothers and babies alive and healthy in many parts of Nigeria.

Action to improve maternal and newborn health in Kaltungo

Learn how MamaYe is creating sustainability environment, which is very crucial to community ownership of maternal and newborn health improvement interventions.

Another MamaYe Super Activist breaks MNH barrier!

Monsurat has found a way to make pregnant women visit the health facility more than ever, to be delivered of their pregnancies. Her inspiration came from her readiness to take actions that will help…

Breaking barriers in pregnant women's access to healthcare

MamaYe Super Activist initiative has expanded such influence to cover pregnant women and newborns access health care: this is the story of Saheed Taiwo Lawal

MamaYe activism for family planning in Lagos

To achieve the 2017 World Population Day - Birth Spacing: Empowering People, Developing Nations' objective, we must consider the economic benefits of child spacing and family planning.

Celebrating MamaYe Super Activists and blood donors in Nigeria

Many women require blood replacement while in labour, because excessive loss of blood (postpartum haemorrhage) has been identified to be one of the biggest causes of death for women in labour.

Want to save a Mama and baby’s life? Here is what you can do

Available statistics from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health show that at least 556 women die every year in Tanzania due to pregnancy and childbirth related complications.

Partnering together to mobilise blood donors

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and to thank blood donors for their life-…

SMS: a tool for activists to raise their voices

The introduction of SMS in the campaign has helped E4A-MamaYe Malawi in engaging the activists across all the three regions of Mzimba, Rumphi and Nkhata Bay.

Lagos uses scorecards to improve maternal and newborn health

MamaYe got the evidence around maternal and newborn health in health care facilities in Lagos State and used the findings to help improve on community attitudes towards the health of pregnant women…

"I am the luckiest to be a MamaYe Super Activist!"

Read what a MamaYe Super Activist has said has been responsible for the many deaths of pregnant women in his village.

What influences maternal and newborn survival?

Zariyatu Abubakar founded Wildan Care Foundation in 2008. Her experience about pregnancy and giving birth inspired her decision to found an organisation that takes care of pregnant women and newborns…

"I became a nurse to protect pregnant women"

Yelwa Abdulahi works with the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria, FOMWAN, Gombe State Chapter. Read her story.

MamaYe motivates the media for improved MNH reporting

At MamaYe, we encourage everyone to take actions that will improve maternal and newborn health. We also recognise the contributions of those who have been taking actions but who were not expecting…

Int’l Women’s Day 2017: Meet Sakeenah-Salvador Bakari

Commemorating the International Women's Day 2017, we share the bold story Sakeenah-Salvador Bakari.

Meet Claudia Temple - MamaYe Super Activist, Sierra Leone

On International Women's Day we meet MamaYe Super Activist Claudia Temple

Mrs Toyin Saraki's inspiring speech at the MamaYe Day 2017

March 2nd 2017 was this year's MamaYe Day celebration and we were honored and inspired by the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Saraki.

Thunder of luck hits same hospital twice!

The hospital was unable to attend to its clients optimally until similar events occurred with some sprinkles of coincidences that are now setting it on the path of the go-to hospital for pregnant…

MamaYe activists' drive for improvement of hygiene and sanitation

Community involvement is key to reducing infectious diseases as evidenced with the active participation of MamaYe activists surrounding Mzenga Health Center in Nkhata Bay district

Rights for Mothers on International Human Rights Day

Let us honor our pregnant women and our children in accessing quality health care and their health rights, as we commemorate International Human Rights today 10th December.

Standing up for the right to health of pregnant mothers

MamaYe Malawi joins the rest of the world today, 25th October 2016, in commemorating Global Day of Action for the Right to Health.

MamaYe joins 2016 Nation Publications Mother’s Day fun run

The sweat and tired legs during this year’s Mzimba Mother’s Day Fun Run helped raise K77 million worth of essential supplies and equipment.

Time for a 'Girls' Takeover

Chiku Lweno-Aboud shares advocacy highlights for the International Day of Girls 2016 in Tanzania.

Listening to our activists in Malawi

Our activists shared their stories during our MamaYe! Super Activists Orientation Meetings in Mzimba, Rumphi and Nkhata bay districts.

Innovation for adolescent sexual and reproductive health

Sierra Leone's First Lady calls for innovative solutions to address adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

How to build skills in budget advocacy

Esther Agbon from MamaYe Nigeria shares her experience and passion for budget advocacy with the White Ribbon Alliance in Tanzania.

Breast milk has all the nutrients a child needs

Sallieu Sesay reviews the benefits of breastfeeding. Do mothers really know the secret to a bright, strong and healthy child? The answer is right here. Breast milk.

Blood donation campaign receives overwhelming support

After Paul Makonda urged the residents of Dar es Salaam to be an example for donating the biggest number of units of blood, public figures, politicians and members of the public rushed to donate…

MamaYe Clubs ending early marriages in Rumphi

Her ambition was to become a nurse/ midwife. She wanted to help pregnant mothers have safe delivery in health facilities especially in Rumphi her home district. Read the story of Isabel Chirwa.

MamaYe Advocacy Group Joins DHMT to prevent measles spread

The MamaYe Koinadugu Advocacy Group has joined the District Health Management Team (DHMT) in Koinadugu district in their advocacy campaign to contain the further spread of measles.

Take Action for Girls and Women with the Global Goals

8th March is International Women’s Day, TAKE ACTION for girls and women with one of the incredible campaigns that are fighting for their empowerment - including MamaYe!

How small actions can increase access to PCV tests and blood

A couple was recognized as MamaYe Champions after donating a generator to Azare General Hospital’s lab.

MamaYe North Launched!

MamaYe north is a project being implemented in the Northern region of Malawi in Nkhatabay, Rumphi and Mzimba South districts and has been officially launched in Nkhatabay and Rumphi on 12th December…

Heroes and Heroines Celebration in Bonthe and Koinadugu

We recently awarded MamaYe champions in Bonthe and Koinadugu districts with certificates of appreciation for their services to mothers and babies.

Exhibiting To Save Mothers and Babies

MamaYe and Parent And Child Health Initiative (PACHI) exhibited their campaign activities during the Research Dissemination Conference organised by the Malawi College of Medicine.

First Lady launches test kits for pregnant women

The First Lady, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma has on Tuesday launched four thousand HIV/Syphilis rapid test kits for pregnant women at the Dworzark Farm Health Centre in Freetown.

MamaYe Youths

Mamaye aims to educate young people on MNH issues and employ them with skills to successful advocatec in their communities.

Youth-activists saving the day for maternal, newborn health

We are glad that we have provided the platform for young people to demand their health rights and contribute to policies that will enhance the quality of their family lives.

Youth vowed not to stigmatise Ebola survivors

On Saturday 14th March, Bright Light Youth Empowerment hosted a seminar on Ebola stigmatisation, teenage pregnancy and rape and at the National Youth Commission in Freetown.

Kobina Essien, the Taxi Doctor

Meet Kobina Essien, who has been saving the lives of pregnant women and their unborn babies by conveying them for safe and supervised delivery in his taxi.

MamaYe Club Heroes and Heroines

Reaching out to those girls who dropped out of school due to pregnancy

Empowering Chiderezi Community

The people of Chidelezi community in the Traditional Authority Kawamba, Kasungu constructed a simple village clinic, which will handle basic minor illnesses and antenatal services.

Youth advocates ready to advocate for MNH

The youths in Kano, Nigeria promote youth participation in politics and develop demands to call politicians to account for their health.

Group advocates for free maternal and child health bill

The free MNCH bill, if signed and institutionalised, is capable of relieving families the burden of the costs of health facility-based child delivery and encourage women to attend antenatal care…

Ondo State youths stand up for mothers and babies!

More youth efforts gathering voices and opinions to make maternal and newborn health a priority in the coming political dispensation.

In Bauchi, youths stand up for mothers and babies

Seminar by MamaYe! Nigeria on maternal and newborn survival state accountability engaged students and lectures from different institutions.