Using Advocacy Briefs to Package Evidence

Effective advocacy for coalitions requires preparation to discuss the matter that is on the table. To maximize these opportunities, it is important that coalitions prepare extensively by using data and other information to identify gaps and propose solutions to the issue. However, how do we make sure data is packaged and delivered in the right way?

What is it?

These training slides were developed and used by the E4A-MamaYe team in 2020 and have been readapted to help coalitions to better understand what the available tools to package data and evidence are and when they might be most appropriate for use. With this training we hope coalitions can be equipped with the skills to develop effective advocacy briefs.


This training tool is part of the ‘Guide to Coalition building’ developed by E4A-MamaYe and designed for advocates to navigate through the complex journey of building and sustaining a coalition.

It shares approaches and learnings gathered on the project since its start in 2012 with insights provided by the E4A-MamaYe teams in Nigeria and Kenya.