Tanzania Investment Case Brief Summary

Health Financing
Tanzania investment case summary brief was developed in close collaboration with the GFF CSOs secretariat, Health Promotion Tanzania (HDT), through a consultative process.

During the first GFF CSOs consultative meetings held in October and December 2017, it was identified that CSOs needed summarised materials that would increase their understanding of the GFF mechanism and how it relates to the relevant RMNCAH policy documents, such as the Sharpened One Plan II.

In particular there was a knowledge gap on the disbursement through results based financing (RBF) mechanism. The investment case brief was validated and disseminated in May 2018, providing the CSOs with the information required for their effective engagement in the GFF process and implementation. As a result, there are now ongoing consultations on the active CSOs engagement by the government on the GFF process and implementation.

Evidence for Action (E4A), MamaYe - Tanzania Investment Case Summary Brief (May 2018)
The GFF Tanzania Investment case brief