MamaYe Maternal and Newborn Health Factsheet 2017: Malawi

Packaging Evidence
Packaging Evidence
This MamaYe factsheet highlights progress achieved in maternal and newborn health in Malawi and areas that need continued efforts.

Making health facilities safe and saving the lives of mothers and babies depend on improvements in access to health services, increased spending on health and ensuring that blood and other lifesaving interventions are available. 

The factsheet is a useful tool for those planning or working on programmes to improve the health of mothers and babies.  Note that this factsheet has recently been updated to include findings from the Malawi Demographic and Health Survey 2015-16 Final Report.

MamaYe-Evidence for Action. (2017). MamaYe Maternal and Newborn Health Factsheet 2017: Malawi. London: MamaYe-Evidence for Action.
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