Guiding Principles of Coalition Building

Coalitions are a group working together, discussing a need or an issue, and then forming a plan to address those. It is a collaborative effort between advocates to address a common problem.

What is it?

This tool was developed and used by the E4A-MamaYe team in 2020 and has been readapted to help coalitions to facilitate a discussion around the purpose, membership and governance of the coalition and answer questions such as: what are the reasons for the coalition's existence? How do members see the coalition and its environment evolving? Who can join the coalition? How are decisions taken? What are the different roles and responsibilities within the coalition? 


This training tool is part of the ‘Guide to Coalition building’ developed by E4A-MamaYe and designed for advocates to navigate through the complex journey of building and sustaining a coalition.

It shares approaches and learnings gathered on the project since its start in 2012 with insights provided by the E4A-MamaYe teams in Nigeria and Kenya.