E4A-MamaYe Programme Update 2019-2022

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Health Financing
Clinical Expertise
Since 2012 E4A-Mama Ye has worked to improve maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa. The programme received funding for a further three years from July 2019. In this brief you will find information on how we work and what has changed in the new programme in order to achieve our goals sustainably.

In July 2019, we started a new phase of the programme with a focus on sustaining the approaches we have developed.

This includes:

• ensuring civil society are equipped and able to access, analyse and use data to advocate independently;

• those coalitions are embedded, empowered and self-supporting;

• and finally making our approaches, tools and resources publicly available for use across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond as Global Public Goods. 

Press the Download button to read more on how we will achieve this in both Nigeria and Kenya. 

We welcome opportunities for collaboration and partnership, sharing learning and building capacity with like-minded organisations. Please contact us at: info@evidence4action.net.