E4A-Mama Ye Factsheet on Tanzania’s Blood Services: 2017

To mark World Blood Donor Day on 14 June, 2017, E4A-Mama Ye produced this factsheet.

E4A-Mama Ye has produced this factsheet to summarise the evidence on Tanzania’s blood services, including how much blood is collected and how much is needed.

Tanzania’s National Blood Transfusion Service is collecting only about one third of the blood needed in Tanzania.

The factsheet covers:                                           

  • The importance of blood for preventing maternal deaths
  • The 4 key components of World Health Organization’s strategy for safe and effective use of blood
  • An overview of Tanzania’s blood transfusion services, including: the organisation of the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) in Tanzania; blood supply by the NBTS; the donor population; blood use towards maternal, newborn and child health; and blood safety and screening by the NBTS.
  • Achievements including almost quadrupling blood units collected and the development of guidelines.
  • Challenges that remain and actions being taken.

Acknowledgements: E4A-Mama Ye thanks Tanzania’s National Blood Transfusion Service for their support in developing this factsheet. 

Evidence for Action-Mama Ye. (2017). E4A-Mama Ye Factsheet on Tanzania’s Blood Services: 2017. London: Evidence for Action-Mama Ye. 
Tanzania’s Blood Services