Calling on Mchinji's district leaders to save mothers and babies

This advocacy leaflet calls on Mchinji's district leaders to learn about maternal, newborn and child health issues in their communities and to take action to prevent future deaths.

District leaders have an important role to play to ensure that mothers and babies survive and thrive!

This evidence is obtained from the data dashboard which visualises key maternal, newborn and child health indicators in Mchinji District in Malawi from 2010 to 2014.

Key issues identified include:

  • Since 2010, 77 women in Mchinji have died from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes
  • Nearly half of these deaths were due to blood loss (haemorrhage)
  • Lack of available blood was a contributing factor in 1 in 5 maternal deaths
  • In 2013, 502 babies died in health facilities in Mchinji district, including newborns and fresh stillborns. Almost 10 babies each week.
  • Mchinji donated less blood in 2013 than in 2012. Without blood, women will continue to die.

 Are you a decision maker in Mchinji? Download the leaflet.

Evidence for Action-MamaYe. (2014). Calling on Mchinji's district leaders: Help save the mothers and babies in your district! Lilongwe & London: Evidence for Action.
MamaYe advocacy leaflet calling on Mchinji district leaders