Bungoma County VSP Handbook

Packaging Evidence
The Vital Signs Profiles tool developed by the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) is used to measure Primary Health Care (PHC) performance. Evidence for Action (E4A)-MamaYe team supported the County Government of Bungoma in Kenya to readapt this new measurement tool and fit their context. The VSP handbook will be useful for policymakers, advocates and citizens of Bungoma County to better understand the state of PHC in their county and identify issues of priority.

Each Vital Signs Profile provides answers to some of the most critical questions about the primary health care system:

  • Financing: How much does your government spend on primary health care?
  • Capacity: Does your system have the policies, infrastructure and other physical and human resources required to deliver primary health care?
  • Performance: Does your primary health care system deliver quality care that meets people's health needs?
  • Equity: Does your primary health care system effectively serve the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society?

To find more about the VSP tool please visit PHCPI website.