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Traditional Leaders and Communities in Mchinji - Take Action!

This advocacy leaflet calls on traditional leaders and communities in Mchinji district to learn about the issues in maternal, newborn and child health in their communities.

Calling on Mchinji's district leaders to save mothers and babies

This advocacy leaflet calls on Mchinji's district leaders to learn about maternal, newborn and child health issues in their communities and to take action to prevent future deaths.

Nigeria Independent Accountability Mechanism for MNCH

This paper outlines NIAM, an independent group that monitors the implementation progress of Nigeria’s national roadmap to advance women’s and children’s health. The authors recommend that engagement between government and civil society – as illustrated by NIAM – should be used more to achieve national goals.

Establishing a baseline to measure change

In this article, find out what methods are used to collect data on the E4A programme, assessing how far key decision-makers make use of MNH data and the level of political will to improve MNH outcomes.

Evidence for Action IJGO Series

This special series focuses on the Evidence for Action (E4A) programme. The editorial outlines the context in which E4A works, describes its distinctive approach combining evidence, advocacy, and accountability, and introduces the other articles in the series.

Strengths and weaknesses in MPDR implementation

This article investigates the implementation of maternal and perinatal death reviews (MPDRs) in Tanzania, its role and practices at district and regional hospitals, and the involvement of health system and administration staff.

Ensuring acceptability of service through accountability

MamaYe and Evidence for Action’s innovative approach in fostering accountability for maternal and newborn health.

VIDEO! MamaYe Ghana Theme Song

A music video on the need for all stakeholders to work towards improving maternal and newborn health in Ghana.

Success Factors for Women’s and Children’s Health: A Country Specific Review

This background paper presents a review of data and literature of ten fast-track countries’ progress towards MDGs 4 and 5.

Success Factors: Making progress on women’s and children’s health

This booklet provides examples of key actions used by 10 countries which are on track to achieve Millennium Development Goals for maternal and child health.