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Tanzania Investment Case Brief Summary

Tanzania investment case summary brief was developed in close collaboration with the GFF CSOs secretariat, Health Promotion Tanzania (HDT), through a consultative process.

Mama Ye Infographic on family planning in Tanzania

Find out what the unmet need for family planning is in Tanzania.

Mama Ye Infographics on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Tanzania

Find out how Tanzania is faring on key maternal, newborn and child health indicators.

E4A-Mama Ye Factsheet on Tanzania’s Blood Services: 2017

To mark World Blood Donor Day on 14 June, 2017, E4A-Mama Ye produced this factsheet.

Mama Ye Infographic on Prematurity in Tanzania 2016

Find out how many babies are born too soon and how many die from preterm birth complications. Most of these deaths are preventable!

Mama Ye Factsheet on Preterm Birth in Tanzania 2015

Learn about preterm birth and take action!

The Mara Region Strategy: a cocktail of ownership, evidence, and accountability

Evidence for Action Tanzania supported the Mara Region of Tanzania to develop a new regional strategy to accelerate the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality until 2016.

Tanzania Mama Ye! Dictionary

Download this dictionary for simple definitions of maternal and newborn health terms, including signposts to relevant resources.

Mama Ye Factsheet on Stillbirths in Tanzania 2014

Find out what is a stillbirth, why is it a public health crisis in Tanzania and what can be done.

Mama Ye Factsheet on Sepsis in Tanzania 2014

Find out what is sepsis, how does it affect Tanzania's newborns and mothers, and what can be done.