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MamaYe Infographics on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Ghana

Find out how Ghana is faring on key maternal, newborn and child health indicators.

MamaYe Maternal and Newborn Health Factsheet 2017: Ghana

This MamaYe factsheet highlights progress achieved in maternal and newborn health in Ghana and areas that need continued efforts.

Scorecards and social accountability in the Ashanti and Volta regions

This paper presents the results of a pilot multi-stakeholder social accountability intervention that aimed to improve the provision of quality maternal and newborn care in Ghana. This is the fourth paper in the MamaYe-Evidence for Action (E4A) series on accountability.

MamaYe Infographic on Prematurity in Ghana 2016

Find out how many babies are born too soon and how many die from preterm birth complications. Most of these deaths are preventable!

Spatial distribution of EmONC services in Ghana

This is the fourth paper in the Evidence for Action quality of care series. The article presents evidence on the geographical availability of emergency obstetric and newborn care services (EmONC) in Ghana.

MamaYe Infographic on Unmet Need for Blood in Ghana: 2015

In 2014, Ghana’s National Blood Services collected just over 50% of the blood needed in Ghana.

VIDEO! MamaYe Ghana Theme Song

A music video on the need for all stakeholders to work towards improving maternal and newborn health in Ghana.

Disseminating Ghana's Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care

Findings from an assessment on emergency obstetric and newborn care in Ghana.