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At the 19th General Membership Meeting of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition convened in Kathmandu, E4A Mama Ye took part in the session “Optimizing the Global Financing Facility (GFF) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) processes to align Reproductive Health supply financing needs at the country level: Global Analysis and East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) Case Study”.

When scorecard can spark action – The case of Bungoma County

E4A-Mama Ye supports Bungoma County to understand the importance of the RMNCAH scorecard. Amy Jackson, Technical Officer at E4A-MamaYe, interviewed two members of the County Health Management Team on how this tool is used to inform decision making on health.


The GFF CSOs Accountability Scorecard - Round II is the second scorecard developed by Kenyan civil society organisations part of the Health NGOs Network (HENNET) with support from E4A-Mama Ye Kenya aimed at measuring GFF progress in the country.


Over the past one year, E4A Mama Ye Kenya has supported the Bungoma County department of health to populate, analyse and publish the RMNCAH scorecard. The RMNCAH scorecard is a tool that helps track key indicators with a view to inform decision making at the county health management team level.

E4A-MamaYe: Nurse Kate on Quality of Care

Nurse Kate Waswa explains what are the processes that are being followed at the Mukuru Health Centre in Nairobi, to best ensure Quality of Care for all mothers and babies.

GFF CSOs Accountability Scorecard

This GFF CSOs Accountability scorecard is the first scorecard developed by Kenyan civil society organisations part of the Health NGOs Network (HENNET) with support from E4A-Mama Ye Kenya and aimed at measuring GFF progress.

Kenya Investment Case Brief Summary

The Kenya investment case summary brief was developed in 2017 through the technical and financial support from the Evidence for Action (E4A) MamaYe project, in collaboration with the civil society organisations (CSOs), under the umbrella coalition organisation - HENNET.

Mama Ye infographic on blood services in Bungoma, Kenya

Find out why is it important to prioritise blood services in Bungoma, Kenya

Mama Ye Maternal and Newborn Health Factsheet 2017: Kenya

This Mama Ye factsheet highlights progress achieved in maternal and newborn health in Kenya and areas that need continued efforts.

Mama Ye Infographics on family planning in Kenya

Find out what the unmet need for family planning is in Kenya, including for adolescents.