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Evidence for Action-MamaYe Stories of Change: Selected Case Studies

Read our collection of case studies in this illustrative book about about how we combine evidence with advocacy and accountability.

The Mara Region Strategy: a cocktail of ownership, evidence, and accountability

Evidence for Action Tanzania supported the Mara Region of Tanzania to develop a new regional strategy to accelerate the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality until 2016.

Packaging evidence to drive action

Read and download this case study on the value of communicating key messages visually.

Strengthening accountability within Malawi’s health system with QuIC

Read and download this case study on the use of Quality of Institutional Care (QuIC) assessment results to improve emergency care for mothers and newborns in Malawi.

Comparison of two approaches to monitoring quality of care in Sierra Leone

This case study compares the face-to-face Facility Improvement Team (FIT) assessment to the rapid, telephone based QuIC - FIT approach.