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cMPDSR Endline Report-Kaduna, Nigeria

In January 2022, E4A-MamaYe began working with the Kaduna State government and Population and Reproductive Health Initiative (PRHI) to design and implement a sustainable and scalable community Maternal, Perinatal, Death Surveillance & Response (c-MPDSR) model in Soba Local Government Area in Kaduna State. This report presents findings and analysis from an evaluation of the project.

Financing for RMNCAH in Kenya and Nigeria

Evidence for Action (E4A)- MamaYe has gathered available data and conducted interviews with decision makers and civil society organisations to take stock of what has happened to funding for reproductive, maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) in Nigeria and Kenya. The findings demonstrated that, across Nairobi and Bungoma in Kenya, and Bauchi, Lagos, and Niger in Nigeria; funding for RMNCAH is in a precarious position.

Improved Dialogue Among Coalitions & Governments

E4A-MamaYe has produced two case studies in Nigeria and Kenya that explore if and how dialogue between government and civil society advocates has increased and what impact this may have on accountability for RMNCAH issues in the locations we work in. The study also looks at the challenges encountered in the process of bringing together advocates and government and proposes strategies for improving dialogue between government and civil society in the selected States and Counties.

Coalitions Using Political Economy Analysis

Over the last two years, E4A-MamaYe has been working with coalitions to influence policy and budgeting for improved maternal and neonatal health. A core principle of effective advocacy is ensuring it responds to the political economy context of the issue that advocates aim to change.

Evidence for Action-MamaYe Stories of Change: Selected Case Studies

Read our collection of case studies in this illustrative book about about how we combine evidence with advocacy and accountability.

The Mara Region Strategy: a cocktail of ownership, evidence, and accountability

Evidence for Action Tanzania supported the Mara Region of Tanzania to develop a new regional strategy to accelerate the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality until 2016.

Packaging evidence to drive action

Read and download this case study on the value of communicating key messages visually.