Mzimba District Health Budget Transparency Scorecard

Health Financing
This scorecard shows the results of four rounds of Health Budget Transparency Assessments in Mzimba district, northern Malawi, from April 2016 to July 2017.

This scorecard tracks progress towards achieving three aspects of planning health budgets which are critical to promoting good governance in Malawi: budget consultation, supportive governance structures and budget dissemination.

Assessment of achievements in these areas is led by sub-committees of the district council, supported by the zonal office and representatives of the National Local Government Finance Committee and includes representatives from civil society, faith based organisations and the media.

The scorecard aims to provide evidence to allow district stakeholders identify where they can strengthen processes around budget planning for health services to ensure local money is well spent on improving health within the district.

The most recent assessment conducted in July 2017 was conducted solely by district authorities and was funded through the Mzimba district council.

MamaYe Malawi & Mzimba District Health Office (2017). Mzimba District Health Budget Transparency Scorecard. Mzimba: MamaYe Malawi.
Mzimba District Health Budget Transparency Scorecard