Strengthening accountability within Malawi’s health system with QuIC

Read and download this case study on the use of Quality of Institutional Care (QuIC) assessment results to improve emergency care for mothers and newborns in Malawi.

In this case study, we describe how providers successfully used the QuIC assessment results to advocate to district health managers to request missing equipment or drugs. This enabled the decision-makers to allocate resources to improve quality of care for women and babies based on evidence.

This case study is part of our book, MamaYe Evidence for Action Stories of Change: Selected Case Studies. In the book, we describe how Evidence for Action - MamaYe has strategically combined evidence with advocacy and accountability activities for change in six countries, across Africa, and globally.

Evidence for Action-MamaYe. (2015). Strengthening accountability within Malawi’s health system with QuIC, a low-resource data collection tool. London: E4A-MamaYe.