Packaging evidence to drive action

Read and download this case study on the value of communicating key messages visually.

This case study is part of our book, MamaYe Evidence for Action Stories of Change: Selected Case Studies. In the book, we describe how Evidence for Action - MamaYe has strategically combined evidence with advocacy and accountability activities for change in six countries, across Africa, and globally. One major area of learning has been the conditions under which evidence is used for decision-making.

In this case study, we describe how packaging and communicating key pieces of evidence for different audiences achieved results. The use of  scorecards, infographics, or posters has been extremely powerful in helping ensure that decision-makers “get the message” and act upon it.

Evidence for Action-MamaYe. (2015). Packaging evidence to drive action. London: E4A-MamaYe.