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Gender Transformative Advocacy- International Women's Day Webinar

On International Women's Day 2023, coalition female advocates were part of a panel to share best practices on integrating gender in their work.

UHC Day: Peer to peer learning event

Civil society organisations and media play an important role on holding governments accountable to their health for all commitments. As they do this, they identify what works and what needs to change.

Journey to sustainability: Experiences from Nairobi & Bungoma

This video brings out the experiences of the Bungoma RMNCAH Network and the MNH Coalition in Nairobi on their journey to develop and build their coalition. These coalitions for a period of 3 years have been received technical support from E4A-MamaYe on effective Maternal and Newborn Health Advocacy.

MPDSR implementation in Lagos

This video highlights Maternal & Perinatal Death Surveillance & Response (MPDSR) implementation in Lagos State led by the government bringing out the best practices from this process.

Contributions of LASAM to improving MNCH outcomes in Lagos

This video highlights the efforts of the Lagos State Led Accountability Mechanism (LASAM). It highlights their achievements and lessons in implementing MNCH advocacy for other coalitions to borrow.

Mentorship to improve skills on advocacy and organisation planning

This video outlines the mentorship approach between E4A and coalitions aimed at improving skills of members in the MNH Coalition and RMNCAH Network and cascade learning to their members in Bungoma and Nairobi counties.

Meet the SLAMs in Nigeria- MNCH Advocacy

The State Led Accountability Mechanisms (SLAMs) working in Lagos, Bauchi and Niger States of Nigeria bring together actors from government, civil society and media. These SLAMs have been successful to advocate for issues that impact on quality health services for women, girls and their babies.

Advocacy Journey so far: LASAM shares their success

The Lagos State Accountability Mechanism outlines how as a coalition they have adopted E4A-MamaYe approaches to advocacy. They highlight of advocacy tools they use and what results they have been able to achieve.

Advocacy Learning: Coalition building & journey to sustainability by MNH Coalition

The MNH Coalition shares their journey in building a strong coalition, their understanding of sustainability and what steps they are putting in place to ensure their coalition has the capacity and skills to drive change and save lives of mothers and babies.

Grassroots CSOs driving Health Budget Advocacy in Kenya

This video highlights how critical the role of civil society at grassroots level is to influence health budgets at sub-national level in Kenya. The civil society organisations work in coalitions that use tested E4A-MamaYe approaches to realise success in budget advocacy.

Advocacy Learning: How Bungoma RMNCAH Network leads advocacy with government to save lives

This video highlights the experiences of Bungoma RMNCAH Network in Kenya. It highlights best practices, approaches used, success realised and what challenges they face in leading advocacy on key priority issues.

Giving voice to Kenyan and Nigerian civil society heroes on UHC day

This video has messages from civil society organisation members from Kenya and Nigeria on Universal Health Coverage Day 12th December, 2020. #HealthForAll #UHCDay #ProtectEveryone

Lagos State Health Budget and Maternal and Newborn Healthcare Services Scorecards Dissemination

Lagos State Accountability for Maternal and Newborn Health (LASAM), with support from MamaYe Nigeria, produced health budget and maternal and newborn health budget scorecards to show the status of maternal and newborn healthcare in LGAs, primary and secondary healthcare facilities in Lagos State.

LASAM Coalition Advocacy Story

The LASAM Coalition in Lagos, Nigeria develops scorecards uses them in their advocacy with Lagos State Government. This video highlights more on this approach and some of the key results achieved.

Bungoma RMNCAH Network Advocacy Story

The RMNCAH Network in Bungoma, Kenya has been advocating for quality blood services in the County with a goal to save lives of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. In this video, they highlight their advocacy journey using evidence to get decision makers to take action.

BaSAM Coalition Nigeria Advocacy Story

The BASAM Coalition in Bauchi, Nigeria engages in effective health budget advocacy. This video highlights their story to reinstate a missing budget line for Maternal and Newborn Health.