MamaYe mobilises women to ask for quality health care

Advocating for quality of health care for women and babies in the district.

MamaYe’s Koinadugu Advocacy Group mobilised the women of Kabala Township on International Women’s Day (March 8) to join partners in advocating for quality of health care for women and babies in the district.

The theme for this year is “Be Bold for Change”.

Women in the district have taken the bold step in advocating for quality of care for pregnant women, suckling mothers and children under 5.

The group raised awareness on Safe Clinics using placards during the district’s celebration of International Women’s Day where a procession was done from the Paramount Chief Court Barry to the District Council Hall.

The MamaYe Advocacy Group were given the opportunity to stage a play on the importance of the seven key health enablers in front of the district Council representative, paramount chief, NGOs partners in the district such as OXFAM, Red Cross, Plan International, Medicos, CRS, Care International, Defences for Children International and other women and child protection CSOs in the district.

MamaYe used the forum to inform the large audience on the improvement the district has made on last June 2016 FIT scorecard which positioned Kabala Government Referral Hospital met all the seven health enablers for EmOnC status.

Steven pointed out that despite the progress the district has been making, Community Health Centres (CHC) featured in the June FIT such as: Kondebaia, Kurubola, Mongo, Sinkunia, Yiffin community health centres are still facing challenges in meeting 7 key enablers. 

An example was given to the Yiffin CHC which is still grappled with:

  • lack of clean water in labour room,
  • no second power source,
  • ambulance response 3hrs,
  • no BP machine, 
  • only 1 delivery bed,
  • no functional Lab, 
  • no MCHA staff
  • lack of  lab technician assistant
  • Incomplete Tracer Drugs during the time of FIT team visit at the respective centres.

The group asked partners present to use FIT in order to take action in addressing the gaps in health facilities in the district.

Steven Gibrilla MamaYe Koinadugu District Coordinator said that the MamaYe Advocacy Group constitutes of members from 21 community based organisations in the district and the day was very important to them as they have raised awareness on health challenges affecting women in the district.

MamaYe participation in the event has demonstrated their continuous effort in promoting awareness on quality of health care for women in the district.

The group has been recognised one of the lead CSOs advocating for women and children health in the district.

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