Clinical Expertise

Our experts work with health providers using maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response systems to understand why women and babies die during pregnancy and childbirth. Each death is recorded and investigated to understand why each woman and baby has died.

With the evidence from each case, we work with health planners to identify and address what action is needed to prevent more deaths from happening from similar reasons.

We also assess the quality of reproductive health services so decision-makers and health facilities know what the gaps are and that there is action to address them. We use digital platforms to ensure evidence from the accountability mechanisms are easily available to support evidence-based decision making.
Using the data generated by the MDSR system, we have the power to make evidence-based decisions that improve quality of care and target responses to where they will be most effective in saving lives. We are taking action in response to every death – from community to national level. This nationwide system has the power to save maternal lives now and for generations to come.
Prof Yifru Berhan Mitke,
Ethiopian Minister of Health