MamaYe takes HBA Transparency Scorecard to Nkhatabay, Mzimba

After successfully trained the Rumphi district council and other stakeholders on the use of Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) transparency scorecard, MamaYe Malawi is taking the similar training to Nkhata Bay and Mzimba district councils.

The training starts this Monday in Nkhata Bay before proceeding to Mzimba district.The HBA Scorecard is a tool that will define the key aspects to be considered and carried out in order to generate evidence of practices that are transparent and duty bearers are becoming more accountable to those they serve.

The tool will be used by district stakeholders and will focus on the health sector in order to show that processes, procedures and decisions to plan, budget and spend resources provided from government are used in manner that promotes the improvement of quality of life of citizens in the district. 

the MamaYe Country Director Mathias Chatuluka told the participants during the Rumphi meeting in January.

The MamaYe Health Budget Advocacy (HBA) scorecard strives at making sure that health sector budget preparation is widely consultative, district council governance structure ensure adherence to transparency and accountability for the health sector and budget information is available and communicated to the public. These three components of the HBA scorecard are identified as critical in promoting and increasing health budget transparency.

Participants to the HBA meeting include: the councilors, the district council sector heads, the District Health Management Teams (DHMTs), the civil society organizations, the media, partners and other stakeholders among others.

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