Learning event: How it has been with E4A Seed Grant in Kenya

Putting resources directly in the hands of advocates positions them on the right path to drive advocacy on local priority issues. The E4A-MamaYe seed grant highlights great potential and provides numerous opportunities for cross-learning among advocates. In Nairobi, the MNH Association hosted a 2-day learning event.

On December 5th and 6th 2023, the MNH Association with support from E4A-Mamaye convened a learning exchange event in Nairobi County. This event invited the RMNCAH Network from Bungoma County, County officers from Nairobi City County Health sector and 15 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)working across Nairobi. 

The learning platform provided both MNH Association & RMNCAH Network and opportunity to reflect on their seed grant journey in the past few months. They outlined success on how their advocacy has influenced government policy, shared best practices how effective the E4A developed Global Public Goods (GPGs) have been to their work and lessons on organisation development. The 2 days engagement had insightful presentations on advocacy approaches. There was an interactive questions and answers sessions with the audience topped with captivating panel sessions. 

The 15 invited CSOs had the stage too. They shared their journey to build sustainable organisations and how they mobilise resources to sustain their efforts. The GPGs sparked interest among invited CSOs; specifically the gender transformative advocacy handbook, health budget advocacy toolbox and guide to coalition building. The culmination of this event was the discussion around the Mamaye collective- a movement led by African advocates to champion for survival of women, girls and babies at regional level. 

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