A New Digital Solution to Support Accountability: the Electronic Options Scorecard App (EOS)

EOS (Electronic Options Scorecard) has been developed to make it easier for actors to produce, design, and disseminate scorecards.

Three basic principles for accountability

Evidence is most likely to be used by decision-makers when follows three basic principles: 

1. It is packaged in a way that makes it more ACCESSIBLE

2. It is reviewed in a COLLABORATIVE manner together with multiple stakeholders

3. It is taken from TRUSTED data sources

To ensure data and evidence is used by decision-makers we use a simple yet effective tool: scorecards. Scorecards are a tool used to track progress against Reproductive Maternal Newborn Children and Adolescents Health commitments or outcomes and hold relevant stakeholders to account. 

Digitising Scorecards with EOS

Options' programme E4A-MamaYe has developed EOS (Electronic Options Scorecard), a digital solution aimed at making it easier for actors to produce, design, and disseminate scorecards. 

With EOS the ownership and management of the scorecard development process is firmly in the hands of the coalitions and organizations that use these to hold stakeholders accountable for achieving progress.

Users will be able to manage the production of the scorecard from a dashboard to design front and back pages and input data in the worksheet. There will be different levels of user access. This is to assign clear roles and responsibilities in the review and sign-off process. 


The app is currently trialled by coalitions and will be launched to a wider audience in October 2020. 

We will also discuss the potential opportunities the application can offer and will be open to more specific conversations should this be something of interest to external partners. For more information on EOS, please get in touch at: info@evidence4action.net